At BBC we provide in-home ABA therapy to each of our clients. Each client is assigned an experienced Clinical Team consisting of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Clinical Supervisor (CS) and Behavior Technician (BT/RBT/BCAT/ABAT). Our programs are individually tailored to each of our clients after an extensive and detailed assessment has been conducted.

Beyond Behavior California offers the following services for children and adults ages 12 months and older.

  • In-home ABA Therapy
  • School Consultation (In-School/In-Daycare/After School Program ABA Therapy) We believe in assisting with behaviors in social settings as they provide ample opportunities for programming.
  • Parent Training both with & without client as assigned by your Health Insurance
  • Staff training, assessments, and goal development in group home setting.

BBC teaches these principles and techniques by following the 7-dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis.

APPLIED – Applied interventions deal with problems demonstrated social importance

BEHAVIORAL – Applied interventions deal with measurable behavior or reports only when they can be validated

ANALYTIC – Applied interventions require an objective demonstration that the procedures caused the effect

TECHNOLOGICAL – Applied interventions are described well enough that they can be implemented by anyone with training and resources (including parents!)

CONCEPTUAL SYSTEMS – Applied interventions arise from specific and identifiable theoretical base rather than a set of packets or tricks.

EFFECTIVE – Applied interventions produce strong and socially important effects

GENERALITY – Applied interventions are designed for the outset to operate in new environments and continue after the formal treatments have ended